Rewriting Contacts Widget

Hello everybody.
Now it’s been a while since I am dedicated working on a new version of Contacts Widget for Android. I am rewriting all the code, reviewing and improving what I can. Soon the version will be released for Alpha Testers.
Unfortunately you will need to remove and add the desired widget again. This became necessary so that I can clean and optimize code.
I created a community to discuss the Alpha version. It would be nice to gather views that the final version be molded more user expectation.
Several users have reported error when using the app, this rewritten version aims to maximally reduce the errors (hard an app be free of errors) and improve your experience.
Please leave your comment.

Contacts Widget 5.4.5

Hello, I am publishing a version with several changes to the redemption of settings. This aims to solve the problem of the disappearance widget. As I can not reproduce the error, I ask you to send me email with comments.

Thanks for the patience of you who are with this problem.

Holidays 2014

Hello everybody.
This holiday season I will enjoy a little my little girl. At the beginning of the new year I return the updates and news for my Apps.

I have been testing a version for the Contact Panel and work in a change in ordering the Contacts Widget.
Thank you and happy holidays.